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Community Events

    WVHRA Community Events

    Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer in the community? We would love to have you join us as we give back to our community! Be sure to follow us on social media as we often post volunteer opportunities.

    You can also email us for upcoming opportunities!


    January 2018

    ISU MLK Day of Service

    David Sprigg, Paula Sprigg, Amanda Hogue, Sheila Dinkel, 

    Kim Marlow, Chase Dinkel, Vanessa Hodge


    14th and Chesnut Birthday Party

    TIffani Ewing, Rachel Sutopo, Sheila Dinkel

    2017 Community Events (click to view)

    Have you recently volunteered at an event or have photos from a recent WVHRA meeting that you would like to share with us? Submit your photos today!